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Ready2Roll Cycling is a fully-supported, comprehensive cycling training series to help cyclists of all levels prepare for the Bike MS: Texas MS 150 or other cycling events.


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Join us at Ride to End ALZ in Wimberley, Texas on Saturday, November 9, 2024

We have a large team called Pedal Away Alzheimer’s and would love having you be part.

Contact team captain Marshall Cohen at for more information.

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What Our Participants Say

  • It would have been impossible, or dangerous for me (an amateur rider) to get in these routes and miles without the support of the rest stops, police support, and safety volunteer assistance that Ready2Roll Cycling offers.

    - Beth B.
  • The only Important safety tip missing from Steve’s long emails: Don’t step in an ant pile just before you start your ride.

    - Prashant M.
  • Ready2Roll Cycling provides an amazing training series. The courses are well planned for to optimize safety as well as training benefit. The rides and communication promote a culture of safety and community. Ride support, both volunteer and corporate sponsors is incredible. I am grateful to have access to such an incredibly affordable and complete training series. Thank you!

    - Anne D.
  • Thank you for everything you do to make these training rides safe, friendly and enormously satisfying. The leadership, organization, attention to detail and resulting just plain joy in these rides is remarkable.  Many aspire to this level of excellence – you all deliver week after week, year after year.

    - Gavin M.
  • First of all, I love everything you and your team are doing. I’m not new to cycling, but this is my first year participating in Ready2Roll training. It is top notch! Everything is so well organized and your regular communication is great and informative. When I signed up, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth driving out from Pasadena every Saturday, but it totally is.

    - Joel E.
  • Thank Ready2Roll Cycling for your awesome training and inputs. This (almost 63 year) Grandpa completed his Rookie MS 150 yesterday. The best decision I could have made is to join Ready2Roll. No way could I have done it otherwise. You guys rock!!!!

    - Ramesh A.

    Again, thanks for everything. I spent ten-plus years riding with a small team that organized its own training rides, and we faced the same challenges but with far smaller numbers. Given the size of your undertaking, your results are genuinely admirable. Thanks again for doing all you do.


    Iain Simpson

    Team El Meson

    - Great team training
  • I had been cycling for only 14 months when I started the Ready2Roll Cycling series. After riding all spring, I know I’m ready for the BP MS 150; I can ride those hills, I can go the distance, I have the confidence to ride in a group with speed, and I am a courteous rider. In short, Ready2Roll is THE group to prepare for the MS, and meet some great people!!

    - Meg E.
  • Ready2Roll Cycling is absolutely worth the investment to prepare for the MS 150. The 12 rides were well structured to prepare for the hills and distance required – especially for me as a first time MS 150 rider. Weekly communications, ride safety and well stocked rest stops are top notch. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

    - Joe J.
  • Ready2Roll Cycling does it right! Informative emails so there are no surprises, excellent communication and organization, fabulous volunteers and sponsors, plus we know they care about us and have our backs when we are out on the road. No one could ask for more!

    - Christina D.
  • Well organized ride series with full ride support including police at key intersections, and good community relations make this a great way to get in shape for the MS 150.

    - Tom C.
  • Ready2Roll Cycling does such an amazing job! Really impressed with every aspect of their volunteer coordination, ride organization, and communication. Had so much fun volunteering at Rest Stop 2!!!

    - Janet V.
  • My experience with Ready2Roll Cycling was like a baby elephant getting pushing up by mama’s trunk. The program has a natural cadence and it took me comfortably from a beginning rider (<10 miles per ride) to confident (50 miles+) within my first spring season. I’m ready for the MS 150, and I had a lot of fun getting there. Thanks Ready2Roll Cycling for delivering a top shelf program.

    - Tim G.
  • I wanted to thank you, Steve, Robbie, Jan, Marshall and the entire support staff we staging such a wonderful spring riding season. This was my first year with Ready2Roll Cycling and I can’t praise enough the coordination and thoughtful planning that went into the series of rides. What a great opportunity for new novices like myself. My best to all and have a great MS 150.

    - Alan S.
  • I did it!  76 miles on Day 1 of the BP MS 150. I had some hills to climb! I had the wind in my face! Ready2Roll Cycling you trained me well! No SAG! Did NOT walk any hills! I climbed them like a boss!

    - Roslyn M.
  • I have trained with the Ready2Roll Cycling organization (and its predecessor, ConocoPhillips Bike Club) for 8 of the last 10 years. Its preparation, attention to details and experience at organizing weekly training rides is the best and they get better every year. Whether you are training to ride the MS 150 or simply want to 12 week exercise regiment to get into shape, I would highly recommend this training series. The positive energy at the start of every ride is invigorating.

    - Al D.
  • “Jan, I appreciate what you and Marshall and Steve and Robbie do to promote safe, fun cycling opportunities for all of us, you guys rock !!!”

    - Peter E.
  • I would like to say that last week’s ride was a beautiful example of excellence in organization and coordination.  I cannot express how grateful I am to the Ready2Roll staff and volunteers for coordinating this training series.  It is pure joy to roll up to an intersection and see a police officer, ready and waiting to control traffic….cars and cyclists alike….to maintain safety for all.

    And great to see the SAG drivers, carefully positioned along the route.  And also the rest stops (with port-a-potties!) perfectly placed on a quiet road.

    Well done, Steve and Marshall, spouses and staff.  I am looking forward to this training series!!

    - Sam H.
  • Hi Team,


    I did not get Sybren’s contact information, but I wanted to follow up here with a thank you note. Last Saturday was my first group ride ever, my first time riding a bike with gears, and my first time biking for more than 10 miles. I am so grateful to Sybren for checking in on me throughout the ride and providing amazing advice, insight, and general motivation to continue. I could not have finished without his support (and the kind words from other riders)!


    Looking forward to this weekend’s ride and thank you again for creating such a great community for first time riders such as myself to join!


    Best,Vidha Dixit

    On behalf of Ready2Roll Cycling, THANKS for the great, and very well-deserved compliment to Sybren!!!

    - Beginner rider
  • We appreciate the dedication of our Ready2Roll Cycling team! You guys ROCK!!

    - Frances J.
  • Whether or not you are training for the MS 150 or just going along for the ride, the series is great for building endurance and speed.

    - B.L.
  • This series is always fantastic. It’s so nice to get out of the city and train in some of the beautiful countryside areas that the series takes us to. I’m an experienced rider now, 11 years training for the MS 150, but as a new rider, this series and Steve’s emails really taught me group riding skills and how to do pretty much everything to do with cycling, from how to dress to how to eat to how to stay SAFE. I greatly appreciate it.

    - Laura K.
  • Our Company joined the Ready2Roll Cycling program as we trained for the BPMS150, all of our employees had such a wonderful experience they requested the training series again.  The Ready2Roll Cycling Team is highly organized, has excellent routes and distance for your team to train, including, EMS, Ride Marshals, break stops and snacks.  The owners of Ready2Roll Cycling take a vested interest to work with new teams and ensure we are all safe and ride safe. If you or your company is looking for a top notch training series, Ready2Roll Cycling should be at the top of your list.

    - Raquel F.


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